Sports Agent: “Show Me The Money”

The now famous quote, “Show Me The Money,” will forever be synonymous with the world of sports agents. Indeed it has become in many cases the principal motivator for those who aspire to become professional athletes. In a recent ESPN Magazine issue entitled “BUSTED”, 2010/2011 was cited as “The Most Scandalous Year In College Sports”. One of the most important discussions in sports today is whether or not college athletes should be paid as a result of the enormous revenue generated in college sports through television contracts and merchandising.

Sports Agent: "Show Me The Money"

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There are valid voices on all sides of the issue and hopefully the NCAA and all those who have charge of this most important subject will find effective ways to achieve equity for the players and the institutions they play for and whom give them valuable education. So what does “Show Me The Money” have to do with this… EVERYTHING! The powerful lure of a future worth millions of dollars have created and led today’s climate of rules violations and illegal activities in college sports. Everyone involved is culpable, athletes, coaches and yes the sports agent.

With a limited number of prospective professional clients and an even smaller number of those who will sign major lucrative contracts, to become a beneficiary of such an opportunity sports agents are on the prowl. They are often the principal purveyor of carrot dangling that leads to the Reggie Bush saga and those that seem to now be more pervasive than ever. As a newcomer to the fraternity of sports agencies, I know that there are many in this profession that are upstanding and outstanding and I credit them for doing great things for their clients and families. Unfortunately, as in all professions there are the others. Enough said.

My advice to aspiring athletes and their families as they navigate this world of “Show Me The Money,” is that anyone who is willing to do in direct or indirect violation of the rules of conduct do not have your best interest in mind. While they may show it to you now, they are putting you and your future at risk. It’s not worth it, no way, no how. You are the most valuable asset and an agent should be bound by those guidelines that will ensure your most promising career and not be willing to compromise in any way those things that will make you successful.

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Sports Social Networks along with the Modern day Sport Celebrity

There is certainly still an remarkable buzz that surrounds social networking plus the newest point to hit the social network is definitely the introduction of direct communication from celebrities and sports athletes. The wealthy and famous now take to their Twitter to ‘tweet’ out against the press with stories which have been written about them and to confirm or deny the newest gossip. It really is precisely the same for the sports social network planet. One very good example could be Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, as he has just about the most well-known Facebook Fan Pages in the world.

Sports Social Networks along with the Modern day Sport Celebrity

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Phelps utilizes his fan pages on Facebook as a web-based diary, as a forum to communicate with his millions of fans. He talks about his private experiences, shares videos of himself and uploads pictures of himself and pictures of sponsorships he is involved with. Not too long ago, when controversy struck Phelps and he made the headlines, he took to his Facebook to apologize to his fans.

It just shows how this new social network generation wants to become capable to communicate with their sporting heroes, one thing that was in no way achievable in the past. The sports social network also presents a brand new actual time form of communication which will react more rapidly than the press. If a piece of actual time news appears on someone’s Twitter or other sports social network then it may immediately spread across the internet just before the press has even found out.

Not just sports news, but lately the personal news of sports personalities has also been appearing, directly in the personality themselves. Not so long ago Lance Armstrong informed his million fans worldwide that his girlfriend had given birth to their son, Max. The proud father then went on to show off photos of his newborn and all this has been created doable with social networking.

Although on the web social networking is only in its infancy, it is quick to see how promptly it has adapted and how a sports social network can now bypass the media fully and let for sport athletes to communicate directly to their fans inside a way they desire to.

Shaquille O’Neal a player for Cleveland Cavaliers can also be one more athlete who is not shy to sport social network web pages. With more than two million followers on Twitter, this sport celebrity speaks each day about his thoughts on news in the sport world. A few months ago he even shared his thoughts together with the on the web world relating to an NBA trade and also answered inquiries straight to his fans.

Overall it’s fascinating to determine where social networking technologies will find yourself taking us, especially within the sports sector. For now it gives a fascinating window into the private lives of our celebrity -obsessed culture and shows no signs of slowing down just yet.… Read More

Sports Recreation News

With regards to getting out what exactly is going on together with your favored sports you’ll be able to turn to several distinct methods to get the most recent updates. You may find that there are at the least five sport recreation news sources that you just can make use of in order to get all of the details which you have to have. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or at residence, you will be able to find out just what you have to know to ensure that you could remain as much as date on everything that is certainly going on and not get left behind.

Sports Recreation News

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For example, you’ll be able to generally turn around the television to discover a sports show with all the most current updates to all your sports. There are many various applications that you just can watch for example sports news or even your nearby news broadcast that has a sports section with scores. An additional line up in the five sport recreation news you can stick to is on the radio. There are numerous distinctive stations that have absolutely nothing but sports so you can have the ability to catch all that is definitely going on across the globe with just about every sport that you just follow regularly.

Naturally, if you are pondering about a source of information for the five sport recreation news line up you usually do not wish to leave out the globe on the web. This can be a truly massive source of information for everybody now no matter how young or old you happen to be. As well as the good factor is that no matter exactly where you’re, you are able to likely jump on line regardless if it is inside a hotel room and even on an airplane. This implies that you will in no way need to worry about missing a score and you may even get to watch the game.

A different way that you just don’t would like to leave out with regards to getting the updates that you are seeking for is together with your mobile phone. You are able to connect at anytime and anyplace once you are carrying your mobile phone with you everywhere that you simply go. This is 1 of these techniques which has just come into play inside the last few years and might be considered inside the 5 sport recreation news techniques which you can use. Naturally, you are going to must have world-wide-web access to make use of this system but the majority of people do have that capability once they acquire one particular.

It does not matter which strategy you use to be in a position to have the facts that you’re looking for so long as it performs for you. With all the procedures that you simply need to decide on from in relation to finding your data, the 1 process that you just don’t want to forget … Read More

List Of Popular Horror Motion Pictures

The Exorcist is likely among the most well known and most well-known horror motion pictures of all time. Decades later it still brings chills to people that watch it. The Exorcist is about a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon. It’s up to the exorcist to eliminate this demon from inside the small girl. Despite the fact that this film is pretty old, the cinematography is really excellent. That, along with the combination in the intense music could make some scenes extremely scary.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is usually a extra recent horror film that also did fairly well in the box workplace. It includes a teenage girl who’s regarded as possessed by the Catholic church. This movie was really preferred despite numerous poor critiques from movie critics.

List Of Popular Horror Motion Pictures

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The Shining is an additional classic horror movie. It stars Jack Nicholson as a tired and frustrated writer. He feels like he can in no way focus on his writing so he requires a job as a winter caretaker in a hotel. Ironically it turns out the hotel is haunted, so he will not get to perform many writing.

The Blair Witch Project is actually a quite low price range horror film. It requires a group of people filming a movie in the woods. For any great portion of the film it can be just a bunch of young adults speaking and exploring. But close to the end it does get fairly suspenseful.

The Ring is arguably among the list of scariest movies to come out inside the last ten years. It is still extremely popular. The villain in this movie is usually a young girl who was trapped down a well and ultimately died there. She comes back to haunt a young woman, her son and her boyfriend.

The Saw series has been a very thriving franchise. The original movie received the most effective critiques from critics, but all of the other motion pictures have performed fantastic in the box office. The original saw film begins off with two guys who wake up inside a area with each other. They don’t know how they got there and they may be handcuffed to a pipe. They’re soon provided a series of tasks which have to be completed inside a time period or they will be killed. This movie will not be as significantly scary since it is gruesome and suspenseful.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre starts off by stating that it is primarily based on a true story. It is generally debated on how true the story genuinely is although. Five folks in their 20’s go on a extended road trip. It is supposed to become a lot of fun until their auto breaks down and they locate themselves stranded inside a smaller rural town.

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The Rising Cost of Weddings – How To Budget And Why Entertainment Is So Important

With the average cost of a wedding now exceeding A�16k it is increasingly difficult for couples to attain the wedding of their dreams at a reasonable price. Simply saying the word ‘marriage’ seems miraculously triple the cost of everything. Yet with a little imagination and careful budgeting it is possible to have a dream wedding without breaking the bank.

The Rising Cost of Weddings - How To Budget And Why Entertainment Is So Important

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The biggest expense for most couples is the venue and catering. It is possible to save a huge amount on the venue by renting a village hall and decorating it inside. Table linen and chair covers can all be hired. Festoon the ceiling with fairy lights, cover the tables with tealights in lanterns or glass holders and make simple centrepieces with cheap but elegant vases and foliage. With a tasty buffet, plenty of drink and the right wedding entertainment your guests are sure to enjoy themselves.

If a DIY wedding venue is not your cup of tea then choosing a different day of the week to the popular Saturday can save money too. With plenty of notice in the form of a Save The Date card, most guests will be able to book time off work. Negotiating a late afternoon or evening ceremony with your venue, perhaps with black tie for a glamorous effect, means that you only need to feed your guests once and can save huge amounts on catering.

Dresses for the bride and her attendants are perhaps the next biggest expense if bought from big name designers at a wedding dress shop. Don’t forget to check their past season and sale rails for a bargain. Many department stores now offer their own ranges of off-the-peg wedding dresses at a fraction of the cost, and even less in a sale. These can be altered and embellished by a dress-maker or someone handy with a sewing machine. If you can’t find the dress of your dreams, working with a dress-maker can be a very affordable option. High street clothes shops are great sources for hunting out bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

Many wedding-related items can be made at home saving hundreds on the cost of paying someone else to do it. Wedding cakes can be bought from the high street at very reasonable prices and decorated at home with fake petals, cake crowns or sugarcraft decorations. The cake can also be served as pudding, with some reserved for evening guests, to alleviate catering costs. Favours are also easy to make at home or maybe break from this fairly recent tradition and do away with favours altogether. If wedding stationery is kept simple it is possible to make very elegant invites and thank you cards at home with the huge array of card-making accessories it is possible to buy on the high street. Flowers are cheaper if they are in season and tied in a looser bouquet with more foliage. Or why not try putting together your own bouquets and buttonholes?

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